2019 was outstanding, but the sensation is coming in 2020.

By Marvin Linxweiler

The time has come to reflect on the last 12 months, to celebrate your successes and to draw conclusions from your failures. We thank everyone who was a part and helped us to reach our goals and step out of our role as a hidden champion. Let's take a moment to review the year 2019. We have achieved a lot, but 2020 will be a special year for us.



Award Winning Year:
Another Monday on the road to success!

This year's awards are proof that our holistic understanding of RPA as a transformational approach meets the needs of users and analysts.

Fortunately, Gartner ranked us visionary in this year's Magic Quadrant for RPA Software. The American research and consulting company sees our strengths in the ability to manage the bot farm, our lean architecture and our innovative pricing model.

Just in time for Christmas, Gartner gave us another present. In their report about the "Critical Capabilities for Robotic Process Automation" the components of our RPA Software Suite were evaluated and compared to the competition.

The result: The software of the top-ranked companies now differs only marginally. Companies now have to check which solution is the best choice and fits their individual requirements.

Particularly in the categories "Automation Development" and "Component & Script Library", we were able to rank among the TOP4 suppliers worldwide. According to Gartner, our architecture simplifies e.g. the identification of applications, windows, elements and third-party applications. In addition, the software impresses with its scaling potential and particularly secure encryption.

In the race between David and Goliath Another Monday is now very close to the big competitors from the USA.

The management consulting and research company Everest Group, based in Texas, has a similar view. In its RPA PEAK matrix, we convince as a major contenter. On the two axes of the matrix, the positioning in the "Vision & Capability" area stands out above all. The Everest Group also praises our competence in implementing scalable RPA solutions quickly and professionally and our vision of RPA as a complement to the human workforce.

Forrester Research calls us Contender in its market analysis. They conclude that our solution is particularly suitable for those companies that prefer holistic automation concepts with individual solutions, as opposed to the automation of smaller tasks.


Another Monday's RPA Software Suite:
The AM Ensemble

Since May 2019, parts of our software suite are available as a free trial version for the first time. The harmonious interlocking of the individual tools has been further developed and made clear with the help of the music analogy.

In addition, the AM Ensemble received a new source of inspiration this year. With the AM Muse, the end-to-end process of the ensemble, praised by analyst houses, is extended by process documentation. Through the even stronger integration of the individual components, an even more holistic view of the RPA journey will be possible with the AM Ensemble in the future.



AM Muse Launch -
Process Documentation Made Easy

This year we launched AM Muse, an intuitive solution for automatic documentation of digital business processes. Every user interaction is intelligently documented and output in step-by-step instructions or process models. In addition, the documentation software provides valuable information for the development of software robots and the implementation of Robotic Process Automation. AM Muse was developed to complement AM Composer and extends the AM Ensemble's end-to-end approach towards the user.

AM Muse provides an error-free understanding of the process which significantly shortens the "time to automation". The fit with the existing AM Ensemble helps to further simplify the implementation of RPA and to realize "RPA at scale" throughout the entire journey.

For those who would like to convince themselves of the functionality, the AM Muse is available here as a free trial version with full functionality.


Announcement: Gabriele Viebach becomes Another Mondays new CEO

Since December Gabriele Viebach sets the course for Another Monday. The 50-year-old business graduate held management positions in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector for many years and follows the lead of founder Hans Martens.

"The industry expert has over 25 years of experience - and will put the company on a new course and accompany its growth," explains Hans Martens. "The thought leader also stands for moderated change - she will steer Another Monday through new challenges with a sure instinct and in constant exchange with all stakeholders.

"I'm delighted to be driving growth with the Another Monday team and further differentiating the company in terms of competition and market perception. With an outstanding team, it's fun to take on great challenges."

For more information, please read our press release.


Cheers to 2019 - Big news for 2020.

We are visionary. Not only according to analysts, but above all out of conviction. That's why we always question our actions, prepare ourselves for future challenges and try to set trends.

We don't want to anticipate too much yet, but we can say one thing for sure: 2020 will be an exciting and very dynamic year with many changes. We have big plans - so stay tuned!

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