RPA-Compass: 9 ½ Tips to Find Your RPA Provider

By Dominik Langner

Finding the right RPA Provider can be a struggle, since there are many different aspects to consider to find the optimal digital solution for a company. We have listed up the crucial points to give you a comprehendable quick guide, when it comes to choosing the right RPA Vendor.

Find the key enabler for your Digital Transformation - Robotic Process Automation

RPA helps companies to effectively manage the digital workflows in their existing applications and systems. The focus - and often the misunderstanding - is on the keyword of imitation.
Human activities are simulated by software robotics. This sounds unusual at first - but its goal is to free employees from repetitive, monotonous tasks. Activities range from looking up and verifying information to copying, pasting and transferring this data between portals, systems or any other data source.
Digital transformation is a sensitive issue. Often you are spoilt for choice - jumping on the train or being overtaken by the competition. In comparison to other disruptive technologies, RPA has been tried and tested and offers the possibility of achieving large returns with little effort. RPA has been found to be one of the key drivers of Digital Transformation. In order to find the best RPA provider for your company, we have summarized the 9 ½ most important tips for you below:


9 ½  Tips for Finding the Right RPA Provider

RPA Software Provider or Full-service Agency?

Before you can dedicate yourself to vendor selection, you must become aware of the extent to which business processes are to be automated. Are these just a few processes at the moment or are you planning to automate more processes in the future? Standard solution or tailor-made?
If you want to know what RPA can do for your organization, implementing a standard tool can be the right choice. Same is valid for pure upscaling of simple processes.
When it comes to addressing the real challenges in large and complex processes, an organization needs a partner with a holistic approach. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an RPA provider who feels responsible not only for the implementation but also for the consulting before, during and after the project.

Full-service agencies offer an interesting alternative for not only automating processes and integrating RPA tools, but also providing advice. If in-house automation is to be implemented in the future, their provider should also provide intuitive software with which processes can be automated independently and code-free.

Very few processes can be automated with very little capital expenditure. But always think in advance where the journey could take you.

  • Decide early whether you need a consulting RPA agency or just RPA software to make your processes more efficient and cost-effective.

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