Dirk Mans becomes new CFO of Another Monday
Feb 03, 2020  |  PR, Press

As of February 2020, Dirk Mans will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the German RPA provider Another Monday. He will be responsible for the areas of finance and controlling as the successor to Burkhard Bamberger.

Dirk Mans Foto bw

For more than five years, Mans has led the tax and financial statements department of the Avery Dennison Group, resulting in many years of experience in the financial sector. Before joining Another Monday, Mans also worked internationally for various large companies as well as consulting firms.

“I am very pleased that he has joined Another Monday and am convinced that Dirk Mans will contribute to the successful development of the company as the CFO. With him, we have been able to gain an experienced and successful financial expert for our company,” explains Gabriele Viebach, CEO of Another Monday Service GmbH Deutschland.


About Another Monday 

According to renowned analyst firms such as Aragon, Forrester and Gartner, ANOTHER MONDAY is one of the world’s most innovative providers of intelligent process automation. In just four years, we have automated more than two billion transactions and successfully implemented and managed more than 10,000 robots. With the unique ability to scale RPA together with our customers, we are slowly converging from our position as hidden champion. The proof: With our employees - and RPA as a methodology - ANOTHER MONDAY controls the world’s largest bot farm within a company. The equivalent of over 1,850 full-time employees who we were able to free from monotonous and repetitive tasks.