New CEO appointed: Gabriele Viebach will be new CEO at Another Monday
Dec 03, 2019  |  PR, Press

Another Monday announces a new CEO: Gabriele Viebach replaces Hans Martens and heads the company. The 50-year-old diploma in business administration has many years of management experience in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector.


"The industry expert comes with over 25 years of experience - and will set the company on a new course and guide its growth", explains Hans Martens. "The thought leader also stands for moderated change - she will steer Another Monday through new challenges with a sure instinct and in constant exchange with all stakeholders.”

Ms. Viebach's background is a business administration degree including studies in Oxford (UK). She was one of the pioneers of T-Mobile and held various positions, including product marketing, sales and business development.

Other positions at Telekom Italia and ODI (Object Design) followed from 1998. In 2004 she joined BEA Systems as Global Account Director, and from 2007 she was Global Account Director at British Telecom. In 2010, Gabriele Viebach joined the Management Board of eZ Systems as CEO. In addition, she held various interim management roles in medium-sized companies.

"I am delighted to work with Another Monday to drive growth and differentiate the company in competition and market perception. With a great team, it's fun to take this great challenge."

About Another Monday

According to renowned analyst firms such as Aragon, Forrester and Gartner, ANOTHER MONDAY is one of the world’s most innovative providers of intelligent process automation. In just four years, we have automated more than two billion transactions and successfully implemented and managed more than 10,000 robots.

With the unique ability to scale RPA together with our customers, we are slowly converging from our position as hidden champion. The proof: With our employees - and RPA as a methodology - ANOTHER MONDAY controls the world’s largest bot farm within a company. The equivalent of over 1,850 full-time employees who we were able to free from monotonous and repetitive tasks.