Research and development as a growth driver: Another Monday opens Innovation Lab in Cologne
Oct 05, 2018  |  News, Press

Automation technology on the advance: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is rapidly gaining importance across industries. The German RPA provider Another Monday is continuing its growth course in order to be able to meet the increasing demand for modern solutions from companies. With the new Innovation Lab, the RPA experts are now opening a second location in Cologne. The company is thus investing significantly in the research and further development of RPA technology and strengthening its status as a driving force and innovation leader.

The new Innovation Lab of the RPA specialists was inaugurated in October at Hohenzollernring 22-24 in Cologne. At this location, 32 experts are dedicated specifically to the further development and research of this pioneering technology. "Innovation strength and development are an important business focus," explains Another Monday founder Hans Martens. The Innovation Lab will focus in particular on digitization aspects such as self-healing robots and learning robots in the areas of visual recognition and natural language processing.

"Innovation strength and development are an important business focus"

Hans Martens, Founder at Another Monday

Such new developments will be examined in pilot projects in order to find out how they can usefully complement the existing RPA concept. The Innovation Lab has a Creative Corner and a Social Room with table football to create ideal conditions for employees to develop new ideas and work in a team.

Strategic know-how for tomorrow's RPA solutions

The future requirements of intelligent process automation will be put into practice in the new Cologne lab. At the existing headquarters of Another Monday on Brüsseler Straße in Cologne, this step creates more space to expand administrative functions. Another Monday's international and national expansion goes hand in hand with the recruitment of new employees - a growth strategy that is also reflected in the recent opening of two new offices in the metropolises of Paris and London.