AM Muse is launched! The first visionary smart process analysis tool [Free trial]

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We have launched a revolutionary RPA tool that speeds up your automation journey by 48%! Until recently process analysis could not be done without the intensive efforts of an analyst and manual creation of click instructions. People in the business often have limited technical knowledge to understand what information is needed to figure out the true process logic that is necessary to automate a process error free. major hurdle for many organisations to start their automation journey. Hiring an analyst makes the setup of process automation quite time-consuming and costly. A simpler entry point for implementation is the next step towards a more accessible automation strategy. That is why we built AM Muse, the first and only process analysis tool available. To give every organisation the opportunity to explore this intelligent process master, we are offering a free trial!     



AM Muse: RPA Process Analysis Made Fast and Easy

AM Muse helps you to set out your process automation course, without interrupting the daily work. No interviews by consultants needed, no time-wasting sessions required, and also time-consuming manual click instructions are replaced. Just AM Muse in the background to track the original process logic and give the proper output to start implementing software robots. This why we call it the next generation of RPA.

In the past, the need for an intelligent process analysis tool was not recognized because there simply was none, holding back from speeding up their digital transformation. Together with our customers and community we are proud to present a new, distinctive tool that serves every need during process analysis.

The process owner (the actual process user) is not the same person who does the process implementation (the analyst). Thus RPA projects often start with RPA under bad omens: loss of important process information. If the process logic is not punctually documented for an analyst, it is not possible to  implement RPA sustainably  and error free. AM Muse can do this much faster and more accurate.  

Differences Between Process Discovery, Process Mining and Smart Process Tracking

The biggest disadvantage of process mining and process discovery is that it can only listen silently. These approaches are recording interactions over only two devices: mouse and keyboard. The logic of a process could never be understood by just listening. So, why leaving out the two most crucial cognitive actions –reading and deciding?

AM Muse: Learns from you. Learns for you.

The AM Muse automatically learns all cognitive components of your workflow and actively guides you through the relevant process information. By developing this Smart-Process-Tracking© we got rid of a lot of hassle caused by manual, inaccurate and time-consuming click instructions. Click, write, read and decide, no more than that. AM Muse automatically documents all information to understand the process logic. The process chart the AM Muse creates is exportable as an AM Composer file as well as in Powerpoint or PDF format. You just import the process workflow with all its logic in the AM Composer and the analyst is able to refine the process automation.

Finally, every RPA journey can take off without analysis struggles. No code knowledge or excessive consultancy spending required. AM Muse recognises and documents all visual and technical interactions. The tool does not record, it understands what happens while following every move an employee makes during his interaction with the computer. And voilà, your process is completely charted, almost 50% faster than with manual analysis!

Try AM Muse and AM Composer for free and start your RPA journey.

AM Muse and AM Composer are perfectly in sync: the user versus the consultant. AM Muse does the analysis and the AM Composer automates the process accordingly. The collaboration between both tools is inextricable. Therefore, we also added a free trial for AM Composer, the bot implementation software, to truly experience how easy your RPA journey becomes with our product suite AM Ensemble!

You got curious, right?! Make a difference, visit the download page and find out more!    

Get your free trial!  

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