Kick-Off Friends Events: Win with intelligent automation!

By Another Monday


RPA is one of latest hypes in enterprise technologies. Applied correctly the automation technology can be a central enabler for innovation, disruption and thus for digital transformation. Software robot based process automation empower companies to be strategically agile and accelerate digital change.

To further support companies in the process of digital transformation, Another Monday has poured its solid RPA experience gained in building the world's largest bot farm into a unique product suite. Starting in November, customers can benefit from Another Monday's expertise and design and automate their own processes with the AM Ensemble.

All powerful business is built on friendship

Last week at the first Another Monday Friends event "Win with intelligent automation" in Cologne, participants were able to gain a first foretaste of the AM Ensemble. What are friends? Friends are closely associated companies that help Another Monday to meet the high demand for the right RPA solutions.


In a relaxed atmosphere in the Cologne based event location Kochfabrik the guests were introduced to the unique methodology of Another Monday. Friends were able to try out the product suite for the first time and their anticipation and enthusiasm for the next step in RPA's evolution was great. Participants were quickly persuaded of the potential of the AM ensemble and laid the foundation for a successful cooperation.

If you would also like to benefit from the most sustainable and scalable RPA solution on the market and receive more information about Another Monday's Friends program, please contact us.



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