5 year forecast: AI will strongly influence our professional life!

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Last week, Another Monday was the main sponsor of the AI | IA Conference on Artificial Intelligence & (strategic) Interaction at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, The Netherlands. AI researchers, users, young entrepreneurs and students met for a day full of exciting keynotes and interactive workshop sessions on AI and intelligent process automation.

ai_ia-conference-300x225The highlight of the event was a lecture given by Professor Sandholm of Carnegie Mellon University, whose AI-based computer Libratus was the first artificial intelligence to defeat a team of four professional poker players in the Heads-Up Texas Hold'em variant. Those who thought that Libratus was just an optimized version of the successful AI programs that defeated world champions in chess were proven wrong. The big difference lies in the tactical approach and complexity of the games. At chess and go the score figures are visible to both parties and only the next turn is unknown as opposed to Poker, where the factor of uncertainty plays a much bigger role. The opponent's map sheet cannot be seen and allows appropriate tactical considerations such as a conscious bluff of the opponent. This typical human attribute was able to be successfully portrayed to Libratus.

AI based Libratus as prototype for strategic decisions

The fact that Libratus represents not only an achievement for online casinos, but rather for the business world, is due to the ingenious mechanism with which Libratus was developed. In this context, Libratus can serve as a prototype for strategic interactions and decisions in which several decision makers with different interests need to be considered.

Further key takeaways of the event:

  • There is a significant difference between innovation and disruption: innovation means making something in this world a little better. Disruption means creating completely new business models; such as Uber and AirBnB. AI will lead to disruption.
  • Above all, robotic process automation (RPA) enables employees to do more value-adding and creative work; i.e. RPA leads to significant time savings.
  • When it comes to introducing a new product or service, it is always essential to think globally. This also applies to new technology such as RPA, which should be incorporated into the corporate strategy.
  • Keep in mind that RPA is designed and implemented to be easily scalable.

It also became clear in the workshops that today's entrepreneurs are pursuing different goals than 20 years ago. The primary driver is to exert a positive influence on society rather than to make a lot of money. And this is where AI comes into play: within the next five years, AI will have an increasing impact on our professional lives and society. If AI is Used in the right framework, it will above all have a positive influence.

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