RPA Academy: learn, embrace and manage intelligent automation

By Another Monday

Another Monday launches RPA Academy for the greater good of valuable time.

Nobody wants to fritter away time, right? The main reason many people and companies are looking for ways to divert time and efforts to things that truly matter. Automation does that trick, but starting or even contemplating an automation journey is a real adventure without the proper holistic view and knowledge. To empower people in their challenge, Another Monday is launching an RPA Academy on the 1st of August.

With as much as 29 courses on robotic process automation, it does not matter what phase you are in today. From envisioning, planning, implementing to running an operational project, Another Monday can help you with your learning curve.

By sharing our holistic knowledge and methods on process automation, we enable people and companies to free themselves from mundane and repetitive tasks. Therefore, as of 1st of August we will be launching our latest asset, RPA Academy! With this kick-off we will be launching 21 on-site trainings that people can enroll for.

As of Q4 2018 to Q1 2019 the RPA Academy will be enriched with 8 online trainings . In November we will start with following shortlist for which people can pre-register.

  • Introducing the Future of Work and RPA: from buzzwords to valuable impact
  • How to successfully manage RPA: success factors and pitfalls, how to use them for the greater good.

Curious on what approach would be the best way to go for your RPA journey? Learn more about our RPA Academy!

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