Intelligent automation at the highest level: When employees and software robots work together successfully

By Another Monday

Another Monday increases the productivity of business processes in companies and establishes efficient processes.

Cologne, October 26, 2017 - Office work is not assembly-line work and yet they are alike sometimes. This is especially familiar to employees from the administrative department of companies. Manual activities such as processing orders, Termination of contracts, changes of addresses, creation of credits, responding to customer concerns as well as maintaining customer information are typical examples of recurring activities that offer little variety but are essential for the business. With a vision for another, better Monday the internationally oriented German company Another Monday is committed to increase process efficiency in the workplace. The heart of the portfolio is a platform developed by in-house IT professionals for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which is able to, in general, automate business processes and increase process efficiency as well as employee productivity in order to create an inspiring work environment.

In more than twelve years, the provider's solutions have internationally evolved further thanks to close Collaboration with customers; in Germany for example with Deutsche Telekom, where it has proven itself in daily use in many places. The result is a Comprehensive bundle of tools for intelligent process automation for the customer providing users with significant performance and performance benefits. This is how Another Monday delivers a vivid example of how innovative technologies can be developed far from Silicon Valley under the label Made in Germany.

Actively shaping the future of process automation

The developers of the Cologne automation expert department are already concentrating their efforts and energy today on incorporating the functionalities of cognitive automation such as Machine Integrated learning with Artificial Intelligence into their solutions. The aim is, in the future, to provide software robots that are not just able to handle exactly defined tasks, but are also able to adapt to new parameters or learn from personal experience. Under the keyword New Work, the Intelligent Process Automation forms a subarea of ​​information and communication technology, in already existing solutions show their enormous potential in the context of the digital and develop virtual information, service and knowledge work.

As a holistic (- thinking and - acting) solution provider, Another Monday combines the desire for identity-creating, motivating and value-adding work with the goal of increased productivity in the areas of organization and process management.

The key is the answer to the question: which tasks will continue to be performed by people in the future and which can be taken over by computers or robots? This can be considered as a historical parallel: physically exhausting, standardized and repetitive activities were carried out in the course of industrialization by machines and by new ones Process technology such as assembly line assembly replaced - a development itself continues in IT-based automation and is still ongoing.

Digitization as the engine for productive work routines

"Increasing competition, increasing customer traffic and the need for faster response times can significantly reduce companies' capacity planning Pressure "explains Hans Martens, founder of Another Monday. In addition, companies with more and more different systems have to cope with working with a rising number of work processes. All this intensifies the challenge to ensure efficient processes during operation. "Through its continuous improvement, Intelligent process automation enables companies to achieve automation rates of up to 97 percent while creating a base to relieve employees of monotone manual work. The effect: you can become more intense in the future important and creative tasks of the core business with higher added value focus, "says Martens.

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