Oct 30 2018,
03:36 PM

How IT leaders can push the reset button in this digital era

Data is the growth enabler of this era, at the heart of digital transformation. But with legacy systems still in place efficient processing of data becomes a threshold that restrains enterprises from digital readiness. IT leaders can power the business by optimising data processing. Embracing Robotic Process Automation is one way to ensure that.  

RPA is an emerging technology that uses software robots to perform any action a human can perform using a mouse and a keyboard, including looking up and verifying information to copy and paste between systems. With RPA you can manage digital workflows throughout applications and systems effectively. These software robots can independently work around the application landscape, addressing long-term as well as short-term capacity issues in the obstacle course towards growth.

Robotic process automation helps IT leaders to overcome many barriers in digital transformation, in particular the parts that cross efficient and customer-centric operations. On the one hand employees are overwhelmed with administrative tasks, which prevents them from focussing on value-added work. On the other hand customers expect outstanding service, flawless and with short responding times. And that is where the IT function can make a difference. The adoption of RPA will provide the business with virtual assistants that can take over the administrative rigmarole, allowing human employees to spend more time on qualified in-depth effort to meet service level expectations and shorter throughput times.

The most interesting part for IT is, that RPA can easily connect legacy systems in the background; implementation does not require any fundamental changes to the IT infrastructure.

Another Monday has developed smart solutions with a wide range of benefits, spread over four value disciplines: customer intimacy, product leadership, operational excellence and employee satisfaction. In order for business lines to address these disciplines, companies need the proper tools and capabilities. Are you an IT leader who wants to transform into the superhero of digital transformation, becoming the enabler of growth?

To find out more, read the whitepaper ‘Turning the IT function into a digital transformation catalyst’

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