Official Release: AM Ensemble 2020.2

By Max Mertznich

We are proud to present the very first "Home Office" release of the AM Ensemble! These new updates to our products were created from the comfort of our very own homes and desks, keeping social distance. Let's dive right into new features. 

You can download the current version via the AM Launcher or your account in the Customer Portal. The full changelog including bug fixes, known errors and compatibility notes can be found in our Helpdesk


AM Muse

New features in this release:


  • Key hook solution creating key and hotkey actions automatically



  • New tab plug-ins to manage (disable/enable) your export plug-ins


  • Consolidation of MS Office plug-ins to an All-in-One Solution
  • Office Enterprise plug-in separately available in the Customer Portal for licensed users
  • Display of errors while loading plug-ins and possibility to re-load plug-ins after failing during runtime
  • Export plug-ins are copied to the writable path, so every user can edit the templates without the need for admin rights
  • “Undefined”, “null” or “none”, generally content-wise empty entries in the Muse, are not transferred to Composer as string values anymore, but left blank, so warnings for missing values are more visible to Composer users
  • Default height/width rectangles while snipping are created to avoid rectangles with a height/width of zero
  • New license screen in adaption to the new Customer Portal


AM Composer 1.36.6

  • No new features in this release. See the Changelog for an extensive list of bugfixes!


AM Core Activities 1.36.6

New features in this release:

  • New Activity: Delete Row activity for Excel that can remove rows from a worksheet or a table
  • Chromedriver was updated - we support Chrome 83 now
  • The GetSheets method was added to IExcelWorkbook again


AM Console

New features in this release:

  • Support for DB version 1.24.15
  • Update TaskManager Default Pre- and PostLaunch-Script


AM Login Service 1.36.5

New features in this release:

  • Extend info output on login screen

Tags: Product Updates

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