Official Release of AM Ensemble 2020.1

By Patrik Thies

With our latest product release it is now even easier to successfully scale and implement RPA with the AM Ensemble. The highlight this time definitively marks the introduction of a complete new add on for the AM Conductor, the Login Service. With the ability to automatically log in and out into windows clients, unattended RPA with Another Monday is now even more secure and easier to deploy. To learn more about the new service, check out the latest chapter in our documentation.


Our Portal is the place for our customers to manage their licenses and download the AM Ensemble. With 2020.1, it received a complete new design and some additional features, like the possibility to offline activate or deactivate several products or clients at the same time.


Here is a short excerpt of the new features from this release. The detailed changelog with all bug fixes can be found in the AM Helpdesk. Let's jump in!


AM Muse 1.35.5

  • Create runs in run overview: (Bulk) selection of windows, drag, drop, cut, copy, insert, delete, start new run from here
  • Java added as a new available automation provider
  • Property pop-ups come up as soon as you add a key action to the list
  • Windows can also be started with keys (in documenting mode) – window change criteria are also performed for key actions




AM Composer


AM Core Activities 1.35.5


AM Console 1.35.5


AM Conductor 1.35.5

  • Conductor Client Creation: Create an encryption key if a matching client exist
  • Fetching Taskmanager data dynamically (change caching behavior)


Ready? Then start the AM Launcher on your computer and all your tools will be updated with just a few clicks. In case you are looking for .zip-files or can't start .msi-files on your machine, head over to the new customer portal


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