Official Release of AM Ensemble 2019.4

By Patrik Thies

With the release of AM Ensemble 2019.4, our product team has accomplished another major step towards the completion of the Another Monday’s vision to offer our customers the most intuitive solution to foster RPA at scale and to make automation  “As easy as it gets”. Let’s have a look at the four key updates.

Workflow merge with AM Muse

When we built AM Muse, our goal was to speed up your automation journey and offer a simpler entry point for the implementation of RPA. With AM Muse, processes are quickly documented on a click-level and are importable as a pre-build workflow into the AM Composer.

To step up your automation speed even more, we now added a new feature to AM Muse. We call it the “workflow merge”: After different process runs are created with AM Muse one can choose to merge the runs into one workflow by using the brand new pop-up for the AM Composer export (AMPRO).

ampro export

How does it work? Human decision making is mostly cognitive and therefore hard to detect within the process documentation but highly important for process understanding.

AM Muse makes these cognitive decisions visible. Track different process runs, merge/ overlay them and detect where interactions differ to model decision making.

The merged workflow with all its exceptions and paths is exportable to AM Composer where all your decisions and the matching activities are displayed in the workspace automatically.

Export documentation to Word

AM Muse also provides the fastest way to document your business processes. It makes it a lot easier for you to transfer knowledge, e.g. in the case of business process outsourcing (BPO) or onboarding of new employees.

Export your documentation not only as a PowerPoint or PDF file, but also to Word. The output is a step-by-step guide, user manual or tutorial for better process understanding including all screenshots and descriptions of all user interactions. The best part: you do not even need to have Microsoft Word installed!

The end of dropdown irritation

We also implemented a global key hook to enable the indicator to turn off/on when AM Muse is not in focus. Now you can even indicate right-click and drop-down menus. Just open the dropdown you want to indicate, press crtl+end and AM Muse is ready to do its magic without your computer automatically closing the dropdown or right click menu.

Improved guidance for artefact usage in AM Composer

UI elements usually provide more information than you can see, from the technical description to identification. AM Composer stores these information as selector values and is able to find the element and execute the desired action on it.

An artefact is the global storage of those selector values inside a database.
Example: When a software update affects the execution of multiple processes, the user is able to edit the artefacts in one central location holistically rather than updating the selector values of each individual application, window or element. All processes that use the artefacts are updated automatically and require no further effort.

With the latest release, we now have a bunch of new features rolled out for our artefact manager:

  • Use artefacts offline via the database cache
  • Simply add new artefacts via activity menu or the artefact panel
  • Easily set artefacts for existing activities via the activity menu
  • Suggestion pop-up for existing artefacts


To learn more about our latest release visit the Another Monday Helpdesk.

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