RPA Best Practice: Deutsche Telekom and Another Monday – part 1

By Another Monday

During a webinar hosted by HFS research Sebastian Zeiss from Deutsche Telekom and Arjen van Berkum, COO at Another Monday, sat together to discuss the application of robotic process automation (RPA)  at Deutsche Telekom. What is the current status quo and how did they get there?

Deutsche Telekom is Germany’s biggest telecommunications company with approximately 50 million customers. With their big client pool comes a lot of customer service, and that is Sebastian Zeiss’  job, trying to handle these customer interactions as efficiently as possible. With an average of 100 million customer interactions yearly, Deutsche Telekom felt the urge to digitise and automate.

The start of a successful RPA journey

Their goals were mainly to reduce costs, while at the same time delivering best-in-class customer service. They leveraged automation to free up resources that benefit their customers. Zeiss said that this process was “not about laying people off, but it was really about getting the people who get the time and have the potential to do the right things to let them really impact our customers.”

Let us start at the beginning of the journey. Deutsche Telekom began their RPA journey in the year of 2014. Back then Zeiss was workforce manager for the technical services unit. What was remarkable in this unit, was the fact that the number of calls and amount of workload constantly shifted. If there was for instance a technical problem a lot of people were affected by, they got overwhelmed with calls. However, an hour later there could be few to no calls at all. So the question was; How could they become more flexible to handle these fluctuations, without hiring more employees? And the answer to that question was robotic process automation.

Process automation requires true partnerships

The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and Another Monday started with Deutsche Telekom’s demand for something that would help their customers and employees achieve this agility. The entrepreneurial approach of Another Monday, followed by a proof of concept convinced the board of management at Deutsche Telekom to partner up. Also they saw the advantage of diminishing risks by paying only for what they actually got. In other words, being charged purely for software robots that function as they are supposed to. This is just one way Another Monday builds partnerships with their clients in which objectives are aligned, and concrete and tangible results stand central. 

Want to get into detail of this joint journey? Watch the video!



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