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By Another Monday

We are living in a digital world, we are working with immense amounts of data every day. We have gotten so far, that this interaction with data can be called a job in itself. Think of moving data, interacting with applications and pushing information from one platform to another. These are all tasks which take up a lot of time, while at the same time making Monday mornings an unappealing prospect. Adopting RPA would solve this. Online magazine TechHQ took a closer look at Another Monday and developed a showcase. Here is a summary.   

Adopting RPA for time-consuming processes

There are two ways to tackle time-consuming processes. A company can either outsource these processes, or automate them. Outsourcing is simple, but costly and can cause communication errors. Automating processes is harder, but cost-efficient and centralised. If an organisation chooses the automation route, Another Monday is their best bet, and here is why.

Let us start at the beginning of every automation process, the first interactions between a vendor and an organisation. The organisation has made clear that they are interested in automation. What we at Another Monday then do is a feasibility analysis as to evaluate the possible efficiency gains. This gives the organisation a clear overview of what can be done differently.

Paying software robots 

The second distinguishing factor is our payment method; it is quite different from competitors. At Another Monday we believe in the motto ‘you pay for what you get.’. And that is exactly what happens when working with Another Monday. You are only charged for the robots that function as they should.

AM Ensemble, a next-level RPA tool

The third argument is about our robotic process automation product suite the AM Ensemble. It is different from competing RPA products; the level at which human operators are required for decision-making is much lower. This is because it can integrate technologies like fast optical character recognition (OCR), speech recognition and it can establish context from a range of media.

There are automatable processes in every company and every functional area. The more reason for us at Another Monday to pursue our mission to change the way of work. It is time to make people fall in love with their job again, and make Monday mornings feel like Friday afternoon. Simply by adopting RPA. Believe us, your staff and shareholders will be grateful. 

Read the full showcase at TechHQ

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