Bye Bye Time Wasters! How RPA Saves up to 191,500 Hours Yearly

By Another Monday

Data is king. But the loads of information that needs to be handled during a business process take a lot of time when it is done manually. Employees are so overwhelmed by the amount of repetitive actions they need to carry out, that there is not much time to truly interact with their customers or solving more complex issues quickly. Above all, the processing of data is mostly very boring copy and paste work, which is hampering employee and customer satisfaction. In times of tremendous technological possibilities, there should be a solution that makes these satisfaction destroyers obsolete. Of course there is: robotic process automation (RPA). Optimal time management was never this easy.

Eliminating time wasters at work

According to our research in cooperation with YouGov 51 percent of German office workers is annoyed by constant repetitions at work. Ignoring the need for change, is not only bad for talent retention, it is also pretty costly. Good entrepreneurship and leadership is closely connected to the ‘Time is Money’ concept. In that perspective, effective time management is crucial for forward-thinking organisations to get or stay on par with competitors. Getting the most out of your workforce starts with taking a critical look at how processes are bothering your employees.

Robotic process automation (RPA) can help you to spare work frustration by streamlining workflows and let software robots do the boring administrative stuff; it saves time and frees up employees for more creative and productive tasks. In this on demand economy many different industries and business areas are seeking for improvement of their operations, from customer service, finance, human resources to logistics. A hybrid workforce –software robots alongside humans – will bring you closer to a real-time nature of services.

Time wasters at work embargo operational excellence

Employee satisfaction and customer loyalty is no longer a matter of course nowadays, because companies are dealing with very self-confident people. RPA will help organisations to find the right synergy; it is the single most effective automation solution for productivity in terms of unlocking potential digitally. Imagine how you could bring your current operations to a next fruitful level if you would save up to 191,500 hours per year and invest that time in operational excellence and the increasing customer demands. Goodbye time wasters at work!

Do you want to know how you can free up time with robotic process automation? Download the guide ’Goodbye Time Wasters’.

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