Scaling intelligent automation to accelerate digital transformation – key learnings from #GartnerSYM

By Another Monday



After only two days of Gartner Symposium in Barcelona, it has become even clearer how automation can play a huge role in the way IT executives approach digital transformation. Especially the intelligent forms of process automation offer a great way to empower the business in steering towards growth and customer success strategies. One of the main issues that IT leaders are experiencing as huge bottleneck in digitisation is IT legacy. But actually, legacy is not a problem, since data handling can be done via software robots across business applications in the IT infrastructure. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) are true silo busters. If you can put the data on a screen, these technologies can capture it. This is a smart way of containing the IT heritage and overcoming the gaps to anticipate digital transformation at the same time. More and more companies are experimenting with robotics and intelligent automation, but are aloof in adopting automation technologies like RPA and artificial intelligence due to scalability reasons. 

Data handling across IT systems

Business processes mostly crisscross multiple (legacy) systems. Luckily, reading information is so much easier than retrieving information. RPA is an emerging technology that enables software robots to mimic human actions by handling data throughout the infrastructure. The adoption of RPA will provide the business with virtual assistants that can handle many administrative tasks and customer dialogues efficiently, allowing human employees to spend more time on qualified in-depth effort to meet service level expectations and shorter throughput times. Nonetheless, this only works successfully when you are able to scale automation.

Prerequisites for scalability: have a dream

In order to scale as a response to change, you need to be able to manage this scalability fast. Start small, experiment to see what works within your business. Act fast, so your company stays ahead of industry disruption. And then, when the right processes have been identified and the process optimisation has been outlined, scale fast. The first steps to enter this approach are to define a digital roadmap and find out where repetitive work with high impact can be automated. Getting an understanding of how to manage a blended workforce of bots and humans, needs a dream and good leadership. The needed digital skills of the future are not the available skills of today. At Another Monday, we enable IT leaders to understand the business and empower the business to become developed with the help of our no-code environment. Let us help you to follow your dream and accelerate digital transformation.  


Watch the presentation of the speaker session of COO Arjen van Berkum at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona!

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