Stadtwerke Neuss and Another Monday develop RPA solution for energy suppliers

By Another Monday

In collaborative cooperation with Stadtwerke Neuss, Another Monday has developed a tailor-made Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution that makes regular human interference in energy meter changes redundant.

Energy suppliers deal with a lot of data in the jumble of managing all the energy consumption of customers. Often they need to outsource the processing of meter changes, because that was the cheapest and most efficient option for processing all the data up to now. Extracting the relevant data from protocols, adding new meters in the energy management system of the operator and changing them manually, is very time-consuming and costly.

Energy suppliers’ data management ripe for automation

Meter changes bring forth a lot of administrative hassle. Partly due to the fact that it is not a one-time activity per customer. Energy suppliers can only guarantee the calibration of electricity meters for a certain period of time. Meters need to be replaced at regular intervals, or in the event of a defect. Stadtwerke Neuss had outsourced this to a service provider; it’s service managers needed to take care of this on-site and transfer all data relevant for administration to Stadtwerke Neuss. The transfer of data was done via an XML file, which was unreadable for human employees. This means the process included tasks like converting data in readable formats.

Successful collaboration provides stepping stone for energy suppliers  

By implementing the ‘meter change solution’ that Another Monday has developed for Stadtwerke Neuss, software robots take over most of the repetitive tasks that energy suppliers encounter during data management of meter changes. Only in case of exceptions and more complicated situations employees are involved in the processing of data. After a successful pilot, the collaboration was taken a valuable step further. Employees of Stadtwerke Neuss were trained to use applicable tools within our end-to-end automation solution, like AM Muse and AM Composer. Now they can continue to automate eligible processes themselves.  

The AM Ensemble, Another Monday’s end-to-end automation solution, is proven to be the next generation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We made automation user-friendly, completely self-sufficient and scalable at industrial levels, while meeting the highest security requirements. Every step of a business process is covered, from data collection and validation to final processing, across several applications. Which makes our solution less tech-savvy and very suitable for the business!

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