Why Another Monday is a hot RPA vendor according to Aragon Research

By Another Monday

csm_HotVendor_f9a6e86cb7To stay relevant businesses need to change their approach to productivity and efficiency. Significant change can be achieved through automation at scale. Robots never sleep, are never ill and never go on holiday. By studying human decisions and actions across end-to-end processes and automating the mundane steps of each process, workflows can be improved. Such process optimisation can even pave roads for new, more intelligent levels of automation. Aragon Research recognised Another Monday for these capabilities and therefore included us in the list of Hot Vendors 2018.    

“What makes Another Monday hot is its ability to handle complex and rigorous efforts, while excelling at ease of bot development with a highly visual development environment.”

Aragon Research

Robot process automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that can help enterprises to shape their digital transformation, enriching them with great opportunities for developing an highly intelligent automation environment. Thanks to advances in RPA technology, automation can transform from simple, automated human tasks into an auspicious digital workforce through artificial intelligence (AI). RPA technology on its own does not let the system learn from previous performed tasks. The integration of RPA and machine learning (ML) will bring automation up to this advanced level, enabling enterprises to achieve higher productivity and efficiency.  

The hot RPA vendors are selected by Aragon Research because they are addressing these needs in a growing fashion. In addition the research company stressed that combining RPA with the adjacent markets of business process management (BPM) and process mining (PM) will gain even more momentum.


The success of an RPA journey is for a large part depending on the vendor. RPA is highly effective at prolonging the life of legacy systems as long as it forms part of a broader strategy to automate and streamline work. In order to enable among other scalability, reliability and expandability, all involved components need to be taken into account as part of the broader transformation plan. This includes people, processes, tools and a governance framework. Collaboration with the right vendor is crucial for any RPA initiative.

Digital transformation is about making sense of the current system landscape and figuring out the right data patterns. This will create a solid foundation for implementing more cognitive capabilities and intelligent components, like for instance machine learning (ML). Another Monday has developed itself as a forerunner when it comes to these intelligent forms of process automation.

From the four providers to be recognised as a ‘Hot Vendor’ in the Aragon Hot Vendor report, the analysts identified Another Monday as a highly interesting or future-oriented provider because of a well-thought-out, comprehensive and intelligent automation approach, with the ability to scale up quickly.

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